about us

about us
 Hey y'all!  Welcome to simply and truly!  I am Adriane, mom to five, wife to one, and pet mom to two.  But you may have all ready read that on the blog page and want to know a little bit more about us.
 We are a family of seven living in Louisiana.  All of us are Louisiana born except one...can you guess who?  Yes, it's me.  {smile}  I'm Texas born but have come to love the state that I now call home.  We love the LSU Tigers football, king cakes, coffee, and gumbo around here.  And we really do say "y'all"!
In 2004, we started a new journey called homeschooling.  I am a former elementary teacher and trust me, homeschooling was never any where on my radar.  But it has turned out to bless our lives in ways I never imagined.  Our youngest child is in preschool and our oldest is in high school with three in between that

Our family dreams of living in the country one day.  However, due to my husband's job, we are city folks. We don't let that hold us back though!  We have a good-sized garden and fruit trees in our backyard.  We even preserve some of our bounty.  And we once had a few chickens in our backyard! We pray that God will lead us to the country one day so we can live our homesteading dreams.

Now for some randomness:
  • I love to sing and have been doing so since I was five.
  • However, I would get stage fright when asked to play the piano in front of a crowd so I dropped out of piano lessons.
  • I love to make things be it either knitting, crocheting, sewing, crafting, cooking...
  • Organized closets make me very, very happy.
  • I consider the garden my very affordable therapy.  I head out there on hard days to calm down.
  • Three things I'd love to be surrounded by at all times:  hydrangeas, caramel, and good books.  
  • I love BBC television shows especially anything Jane Austen and Downton Abbey.  
I hope you enjoy your time at simply and truly!  Thanks for visiting! 

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