Monday, January 22, 2018

Weekly Goals #1

Read any self improvement books on time management, and one thing they stress is writing goals.  I write goals for my year (which I shared here on my blog).  But I also write weekly goals using inspiration from Edie of Life in Grace. 

Last year, I started with the bullet point journal and writing goals for my week.  (See the link to Edie for her video on bullet journaling.)  Last year, I used a composition notebook that I had around the house.  I loved the way the journal gave me focus, and I truly believe that my productivity has been increased.  This year, I bought a cute little journal at Target.  Oh man, I love this little journal!

So every Sunday night or Monday morning, I write out things I'd like to accomplish for the week.  These may be house projects, relationships that need attention, or health/personal goals. 

Then through out the week, I use this list to guide me to get things done!

On this week's to do list:


  • Declutter and purge magazines
  • Purge books (makes me sad...)
  • Master bedroom/vacuum baseboards and corners
  • Continue Decluttering master bedroom
  • Grade/File papers
  • Write plans for week
  • Message 2 friends to catch up
  • Write cards to 2 friends dealing with health issues & grief
  • Family night at end of week
  • Possible date night or wait a week?
  • Blog 3+ times
  • Complete signs 
  • Put monograms on purses
  • Organize and clear pictures on phone
  • Workout 3+ times
  • Take dog for walks
  • Plan out elimination diet to begin next week (except)
  • Eliminate gluten this week 

So now I have list of what I want to work towards this week.  One thing I've learned through the years is this, I don't let myself get uptight if I don't accomplish this very well.  I do what I can, I focus on what is most important, and then I move the rest to the next week or so.  But at least now, I've got some focus for the week! 

Do you write goals?  Yearly?  Monthly?  Weekly?  Or none?  

PS.  Little flower made for me by my daughter, Abby.  

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