Friday, January 19, 2018

Chicken Snacks

Upon moving back to Louisiana, one of the first things the kids wanted to know was if we were going to be getting any chickens.  

Then spring rolled around, and guess what?  We did get chickens! 

We started with 9 chickens.  Two died. (They were bantams.  They weren't easy to care for as chicks.)  We got six more.  We gave two meat chickens away. (We didn't want meat chickens.)  And then we gave three chickens to some new friends to reduce the size of our flock.   

Our little flock was now eight chickens strong:  six pullets and two roosters.  I'll introduce you to our little flock one day.  

But for now, let's talk about chicken snacks.  

I am known as the snack lady.  Most times that I walk out the door, the chickens come running to the edge of their chicken run for a snack.  Some days I come bearing vegetable and fruit scraps or a warm pancake. During the summer, there are usually garden weeds or older produce. 

But one of their favorite snacks during the winter is weeds that I gather around the yard.  We can't really free range where our home is situated.  And I don't have as many yummy garden snacks during the winter either.  

However, under our little bare fig tree lies some yummy green weeds.  Some of it is clover.  Some of it is chick weed.  All of it is yummy to the chickens.  So I will rake a bit up and give it the chickens in place of kitchen scraps.  

Want to know what you can and can't feed a chicken, here's a post about that.  (Be sure to check out what they don't need to eat.) 

Our chickens love all things green & leafy, tomatoes, cooked rice, the last warm pancake that no one was going to eat, and fruits or vegetable peelings.  I'm glad to have chickens again.  They truly bring a lot of joy and fun to our family!

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