Wednesday, January 17, 2018

10 on 10 {January 2018}

So much for finishing the December Photo Project strongly (see the last line here).  And January has been a little eh too.

But here we are on the 17th of January and I'm jumping in with 10 on 10...a week late.

I've been participating in 10 on 10 for quite some time now, and I love it.  The tenth of the month becomes a day for me to slow down and just see the beauty in my every day life.

Here's a snapshot of our lives on the tenth of January 2018:

Most mornings start just like this:  Coffee, a cozy blanket, and the Word of God.

One of my goals for 2018 is to read through the entire Bible.  I'm using the Bible app (which is totally free!) to keep me on track.

Usually after I've read the Word and some sort of motivational book, I will head towards the kitchen for a quick breakfast.  Since I've been having some gallbladder issues, most mornings I just eat a turkey fold over sandwich because it's one food that doesn't bother me.  These two, who are not supposed to be on the table, like to arrive and turn up the cuteness so I will give them some of my turkey.  My husband calls it "turkey time" when he sees the cats running because I opened the refrigerator door.

In addition to my turkey sandwich, I will some times drink a little Naked Juice Green Machine Smoothie with a sprinkling of chia.  I thought it looked so festive in the red fiestaware cup!

Before we started off the school day, I headed out to visit with the chickens and to give them a snack.

And then we were off and learning!

However, the day went a little south with a leak, digging to find the leak, and a lot of mud!  Then we had a sick child.  And the microwave died.  It was just one of those days!

So I figured it was time for this Momma to enjoy a cup of chocolate chai latte, journal a bit, and do a little garden dreaming.

And that's ten snapshots of our lives from the tenth of January 2018.

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