Monday, December 18, 2017

Speaking of antics...

Last week got away from me and I missed posting for the December Photo Project.  Over on my main blog, I shared about last week being stressful with all of the Christmas prep and ways that I'm trying to keep things simple & myself centered.

And one of the ways I'm coping with stress is with our two kittens, Paisley & Autumn, who happen to also be sisters.

And I'm completely serious.  These two make me laugh (Autumn) and snuggle with me (Paisley).  I wasn't sure about bringing two young cats into the house, but I'm glad that we did!  Because laughter and the love of a pet help reduce my stress!

 Here are a few of their silly antics (they give the elf a run for her money)...

Autumn in a box of Christmas decor.  See the red mesh?  She and Paisley pulled that out and wrestled with it, and made a big ole' jumble of red and gold mesh.  It's in the trash now because they found wrestling it at 1 a.m. in the morning to be the thing to do.

Paisley likes to join me as I work at my desk.  This particular time she thought she'd catch the cursor on the screen.

And if she doesn't get right in the middle of all of my things on the desk...

She will instead get right up in my face.

(no makeup day.  :-) )

It's not unusual to look around and find these two in various places.

But every night ends the same...with Paisley and Autumn hanging with us, and sometimes they are joined by their big brother, Snowball (our dog).  

I'm glad we added Paisley and Autumn to our family!

See you back tomorrow (hopefully...) for more December Photo Project.  I'm going to finish strong!

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