Sunday, December 3, 2017

Little Church in the Wildwood

The house we are living in has a very large window above the kitchen sink.  I very much enjoy getting to decorate this windowsill for the seasons. 

This little church currently sits in the kitchen window.  It's a pretty little copper colored church and is made to hold tea light candles. 

I've had this little church for twelve years now, and I can remember that because it was given to us at the passing of my brother which happened 12 years ago this week. 

So every time I see this little church, I think of my brother.  And I think of the people who came and stood alongside us during our time of grief. 

Today on my other blog, I wrote about the Hope that we felt during those sorrowful days.  You can read about it here

Despite the sorrow and despite the trials, I smile.  Because I know who holds my future.  And I have such wonderful memories of my family, friends, and my life.  This little church in the wildwood holds some of those precious memories for me. 

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