Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Our slow 4th of July weekend

  Sometimes life just calls us into a slower pace - a time of rest and restoration.  We've been in that place here lately.  Maybe it is summer that has opened the window to a slower life?  I'm not sure what has led us here, but it is good to be in a place of rest for a while.

If you've read any of our blogs or have seen my posts on Instagram, you know that our family likes to explore and go on adventures.  But when the Independence Day weekend rolled around, we just decided to lay low.  (That rest thing again.)

First, on Friday Family night, we did what a good portion of the USA has probably already done...we watched the most recent Star Wars movie.  Our kids have been adamant that they did not want to want to jump on the Jedi train.  But we finally persuaded them to watch the movie.  And at the end of the movie what did we hear?  "You know, that was a pretty good movie."

Um, yeah.  I so wanted to say I told you so.  But I refrained.  We've been trying for months to get the kids on board with us to watch the movie - to just give it a chance.  And it really was a good movie.  I'm glad they finally wanted to watch it with us.

 I also did not take one picture of our family night.  Oops.  But despite the lack of pictures, it was a fun night.  I really love that family night is a part of our weekly routine.

Saturday was normal, not so blog worthy stuff...gymnastics, grocery shopping, decluttering of books and papers in the basement.  I did find this while working:

On the left is our oldest son many years ago, and on the right is our youngest son a few years back.  Is it just me, or do they look alike?  I never realized the resemblance between the two.

And I almost forgot:  our neighbors invited us over for hamburgers on Saturday night, which was a nice break after a day of sorting books and paper.  Again, no pictures of our time with them.  But we have some great neighbors.

After church on Sunday, we headed over to the Littleton Living History Museum.  This museum (which is completely free, by the way) show life during pioneer times complete with animals, a pioneer house, a one room school house, gardens, a blacksmith and an early 1900s home.

David and the kids have visited the museum a few times.  They knew I would love it...and they were right.  It was so cool!  And I only took one picture of the whole trip:

That's from the garden beside the early 1900's home.  I wanted to remember their raised beds in that area.

So I failed at the picture thing again, but my oldest daughter made a little video about our trip that she shared on Youtube.  You can see it here:

Emma's video about visiting the farm.

On Monday, we did things like:  Grilling (of course).  The kids swam in the backyard pool.  And we watched all of the illegal fireworks that the neighbors were shooting.  Yes, fireworks are illegal here in most parts of Colorado, except those set off by the cities.  We decided to not fight the crowds on that one.  But we enjoyed many of our neighbors firing off fireworks.  We just decided to forgo it ourselves!  ;-)

And that concludes our very quiet...well, maybe not so quiet with the fireworks.  But it concludes our very low key, slow Independence Day weekend!

I hope yours was great as well! 

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