Monday, April 4, 2016

Have you heard of Influnester? {and the Treat VoxBox}

Have you heard of Influenester?  A few months back I saw where a friend of mine was posting about some products and using a hashtag for Influenester.  And being the nosy person I am, I decided to check it out.

I found out that Influenester will send you items to try out and review on social media.  I thought it sounded like fun so I signed up!

I received my first box that had some really yummy treats in it such as Popchips, Werther's Chewy Candies, a healthy snack bar, a coupon for a free guacamole, and a coupon for a free bag of sweet potato fries.  It was a great box!  I didn't do super great on getting it out on social media, so I figured that they wouldn't pick me for another box.

However, they just sent a new box to me called the Treat VoxBox!

Here's a look at what's in it:

(Just to let you know...I am sent these items free of charge for review purposes only.  These are truly my thoughts. I enjoy getting to try out new items so I'm sharing my experiences with you all.  Perhaps you would like to sign up too!  You can go here to apply. And that is not an affiliate link.  Just sharing with you because I think this is fun!)

So the first thing I pulled out and tried was the Hills Bros. Cappuccino K-cups.  Oh my goodness!  The salted caramel cappuccino was so delicious!  Emma, my oldest daughter tried the french vanilla which she enjoyed also.  I've tried other cappuccino mixes for the Keurig made by other companies, and the artificial sweetener was not so great.  But these were sweetened just right!

I've not tried the drink mixes yet, but since I like a sweet afternoon cup of coffee, I'm sure it won't be much longer before I do!  And because English Toffee, y'all!  Yum!

There were also these teas by Yogi that I haven't tried yet.  I sometimes reach for a hot tea when I'm just not feeling like an afternoon cup of coffee.  And they're good for the skin too!  A win in my book!

One of my kids already tried to sneak the Yum-V's probiotic chews. (Guess they thought I wouldn't notice.)  Since they taste like chocolate, I bet they'll think they're just eating candy.  I'll have to post a picture to Instagram documenting their reactions. 

There was also a coupon for one free Country Crock Spread.  I have to be honest, I don't use margarine much here.  But I'm going to try it out since I've got a coupon for a free one.  Maybe I'll make these oatmeal chocolate chips cookies I've been craving with the margarine sticks instead of buying the spread.

 I have battled dry skin since moving to Colorado, so I was glad to try out the Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream.  I'm very particular about hand creams because I need them to actually work, and I don't want my hands to feel weird after I use them.  The Weleda Hand Cream fit my high expectations for hand creams and lotions.

So that's what was in my Treat VoxBox from Influenester!  If you want to learn more about signing up with Influnester, just follow the link.  I don't receive anything from you signing up, I just want to share!

I received these products complimentary from Influenester for testing purposes.  

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