Monday, April 11, 2016

Denver Museum of Nature & Science {field trip}

Last Monday, David had taken the day off from work because we had an afternoon appointment.  ( I need to point out that the appointment didn't actually happen on that day either, because I had written the event down on the wrong day in my planner.  And after I wrote this post about planners too.  I thought that was pretty funny to write a post about planning and then make a planning mistake! But oops too!)

Since David was off, he took the younger four kids on a field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  The first time we visited the museum, we bought the membership pass because a pass costs about the same as one visit for a family our size.  It's nice to go back over the year and not have to pay again because we have a pass! 

What did I do while they were gone?  I had a teacher work day!  That was nice too.

David and the kids started with a picnic at the city park by the museum.  It was a beautiful spring day in the Denver Metro too!

They fed the geese.  And from what I understand the geese freaked Abby out just a bit.  I wish I had a picture of her standing on the park bench.

After David and the kids had soaked up the sunshine and eaten their fill, they headed over to the museum.

The museum has some incredible dinosaur skeletons in the prehistoric exhibit.  They also have this very strange looking creature.  Every time we visit, we must walk through this part before we go to the new exhibits.

We thought it was funny that the kids found information about Avery Island which is in Louisiana.   (I actually visited Avery Island a very, very long time ago.  Avery Island is where they make Tobasco, and I went with a group to tour the Tobasco plant.  It was very cool...and spicy!  Literally, the air was spicy from all the peppers.  Even though we toured the gardens at Avery Island in the rain, they were beautiful too!  But this was at least 20+ years ago.  I have no idea how they look now.)

And this is a Louisiana swamp.

The kids also decided to wrestle a very long snake.

And they did a little adventurous rock climbing too!

 David and the kids had a fun day!  I love when we can throw in a field trip and take a break from the routine during the school year!

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