Monday, March 28, 2016

Ten on Ten {on the Twenty-eighth}

For years I've been participating in the ten on ten link up.  On the tenth day of the month, you take ten pictures from around your home or in your life, and you share them.  The purpose is to find beauty in our lives.

I love participating in this every tenth day of the month.  It seems to make me look at the things around me every day and truly see the beauty in the simple things surrounding my days.  I also get to play around with my camera which is a whole lot of fun!

So here are my pictures and a few captions of the beauty in our home which were taken on the tenth day of March 2016.  However, I'm a wee bit late posting them since it is now March 28th!

Mornings start with making the bed and adding our Mr. & Mrs. pillow.  And yes those are touches of coral.  We mixed it with navy so it is a perfect mix of feminine and masculine.  I'm on the look out for more navy pillows, but I love this little pillow on our bed!

Upon hearing that the blahness of winter was making me draggy, a friend suggested  that I add some herbs and plants in our sunny windows.  They sure do brighten up the window and my attitude.

We live in the Rocky Mountains and there are definitely a lot of rocks around!  Most of our yard is made up of rocks.  So that means the kids are always bringing me unique rocks that they find, so I set them with the plants in the windowsills.

My pearls, some costume jewelry, and vanilla scented perfume on a Dollar Tree silver tray...simple yet beautiful.

What is it about graph paper that makes everything look so much more special?

A beautiful winter day means we might do school outside under a tent and swing on a rope swing while lunch is cooking.

How beautiful are the little buds of the crabapple trees set against the brilliant blue of the Colorado sky?

Exploring the yard with my camera means the large spruce tree gets special attention too.

Afternoons after school work is completed are our times for projects.  This yarn became a spring pompon banner.

So it seems I only have nine pictures to share of the tenth day of March.  Since I am so late this time, I won't be linking up.  But look for a new post of ten on ten during the month of April.

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