Monday, March 21, 2016

Grant's 16th birthday

March begins birthday season around our home.  Between March and August, we have six birthdays and one wedding anniversary.  So we pretty much celebrate from March 15th until the end of summer.  And then begins the holidays.  Needless to say, we do a lot of celebrating!

It is our family tradition that each person plans out the menu on their birthday, and they can also plan any special activities.  With five children, it is really hard to have large birthday parties with friends due to the expense.  And since our family lives so far away now, we've learned to just make the day as special as we can for each person within our own little family.  No one complains about it so I think they are okay with our simplified, but special birthday celebrations.

Grant chose his favorite foods for all of his birthday meals. (In case you want to know...and Grandparents might want to know...we had doughnuts for breakfast, Chick-fil-a for lunch, and steaks with potatoes for dinner.) For dessert, he chose ice cream with the fixings. 

His choice of a special activity for his birthday was going to purchase a dirt bike with the money he'd gotten for his birthday.  Since he loves to tinker with anything mechanical, this is a good thing for him.  The bike scares me a little (a lot), but he loves it.  All of the guys are planning a trip to go dirt bike riding soon because it's not so easy to do that here in the city.

As simple as Grant's day way, he had a great birthday.  One of the things I truly adore about Grant is that he is so appreciative of anything that he receives, no matter how big or small.  Just tonight I had tried a new recipe that was really not so great.  It bothered me to feed my family something that wasn't very appetizing and they knew it bothered me.  After Grant left the table, he turned to me and said, "Thank you for making that dinner for us, Mom."  I mean, I just melted.  That's just the way Grant very thoughtful and wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings for anything. 

And he's incredibly witty, to boot.  However, most people don't know that because he is very quiet.  But the kid can make me belly laugh with some of the things he says.  Dave says that Grant loves to make me laugh.  He's told me that when I laugh, Grant just lights up.  Mommas and their boys, I tell you.

But those boys grow up to be men...and it happens very quickly too.  He's sixteen and we're going to get his license soon.  He's got a dirt bike now that he's working on and caring for...all while learning so many skills in the process.  We're talking futures and possible classes to take next year to move him towards his career goals.  It seems like just yesterday, he was my little baby boy coming home from the hospital.

Mommas, hug those boys while you can.  Give them a little space to spread their wings, within reason, of course.  Be there for them when they need you to lean on, because even when they are older, they will need you - maybe even more so than before.

And when the time comes, let them leave to share their love, their visions, and all of the things you've instilled into them as you helped shape them from little boys into men.  (This is our next step, very soon in our family.  So I'm talking to myself a lot on that one.)

I'm so thankful for all of the three little boys we've had the privilege of watching grow from babies into men.  What a special gift!

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