Friday, February 19, 2016

Back to simply & truly

A little over two years ago, I left this blog to start a new blog on Wordpress.  I love my space on Wordpress, but I have struggled with the name of the blog.  If you've read over there, you've probably heard me lament about that a time or two. 

And since that time, I've been back and forth on what to name a new blog.  Well, I've got a name.  And it's a bit of a play off of the name of this blog. 

So I will be starting a new Wordpress blog, but I will also be resurrecting this blog.  This blog here at simply & truly will be more of a journal type blog.  The blog on Wordpress will be a blog with more focus.  At least, that is the plan for now.  

That new blog won't be ready for a while.  First, I have to build it, and that has to happen amidst life and home schooling.  But I will let you know.  I will still be blogging over at La Cottage for the time being also, so if you want to check out what's going on there, please come visit! 

Want to know what I'll be writing here on the resurrected simply & truly?  Well, since my other blog will take more of a homemaking, homeschooling, and homesteading focus, this blog will be more about just us, our family, our adventures, and my random thoughts.  It will be a journal type blog...just a hodgepodge of this and that. 

I hope you'll visit me here.  And you can visit me over at La Cottage too.  And when the new much more focused blog is ready, I'll let you know so you can visit there. 

A lot has changed in the two years I've been gone, and I'm looking forward to catching up with y'all!
 (And man, I'm trying to figure out blogger again!  haha!  I should get the hang of it soon!)

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