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the story of our {little} house {part 1}

June 8, 2013 045

This blog is often one of the spots where people land when they do a search for “homeschooling in a small house”.  I’ve written a bit about trying to stretch this little space we call home to make room for five children and our homeschool

In the back of my mind I can’t help but wonder if other people ever question why a family of seven would live in a small house? 

Chances are there aren’t many who do actually ponder this.  But I wanted to tell our story of our little house.  Maybe there are some who are curious.  Or maybe there are some who are small house dwellers trying to make the most of their small space.

  I’d like to share a bit about some things we’ve learned along the way and how we’ve adapted our home or our attitudes. Living large in a small house can be done because we’ve been doing it for ten years now. 

 August 27, 2012 003  Family night, August 2012

But we didn’t start our adventures in a small house as a family with five children…

Ten years ago…

We were a family of five: a daddy & a mommy, a 5 year old boy, a 3 year old boy, and a wee baby girl.

I had just finished up my first year as a public-school-teacher-turned-stay-at-home mom.  And our oldest was heading off to Kindergarten.  Previous to us living in our small home, we had been living in my husband’s hometown and he was driving the hour-plus (one way) drive every day to work. 

 August 27, 2012 008 Family night, August 2012

We knew we needed to move to the city so that we could spend more time with David.  The daily drive was sucking up hours of our family time and the was sucking up our money.  But we didn’t think we could afford a rental in the city and we weren’t ready to busy a house just yet.  And then there was the whole school district thing that had to be figured in now that our son was starting school.  Those good school district rental houses came with a hefty price tag.

Then came David’s Aunt to the rescue.  She had a house in a good part of town.  And it was in a good school district.  And since she had moved, the house was available. 

There was only one possible problem…the house only had two bedrooms

To be continued…

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