Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer reading

 Summer Reading

If there’s one thing I love about summer, it has to be the fact that I get to read more.  Ever since I was a little girl, you would find me soaking up a book during summer breaks.

And it’s not much different now.  True, my days are still as busy as during the school year with home, children, and activities.  However, I do have a looser schedule that allows me to stay up later to read and catch up on a little sleep in the morning.  Or I can spend time reading while the kids play in the pool. 

Now, let’s talk books…

Harbinger  David’s mom passed this book to us and it is an interesting read.  It is written in a fiction format but the information in the books is truth.  The author writes of verses from the book of Isaiah that are so precise that they foretell recent American events such as the stock market collapse and 9/11 (borrowed a bit of that from the book jacket). I’ve not finished it but it is an interesting read.

The Pastor’s Wife  This was a free download for the Kindle and since I was wanting some light-hearted fiction and I’m the daughter of a pastor’s wife, I decided to read it.  It was a sweet romance. Now, I rarely read romance but it wasn’t too mushy or silly.  It was an ok read.  I wanted light-hearted and that’s what I got.

Tell Your Time  This one has been sitting on my Kindle for a while and I’m in serious need of some time management skills so I figured there’s no time like the present to read it.  It is short but I really liked the information in the book and felt that it was helpful in leading me to wisely manage my time.  I plan to implement the methods she outlines.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle  I have heard so much about this book and when I saw it super cheap on the Kindle, I snatched it up.  But I’ve not really been able to get into it yet and have not completed it.  I’m going to try to finish it before summer ends.

Remember all those ebooks I purchased back during that big sale?  Here are a few that I’ve completed or am currently reading.

One Bite at a Time  This book is written to be completed one bite at a time so I’m reading it exactly like that.  The author has you work on one activity at a time to simplify your life. 

How to Grow Your Blog and Manage Your Home  You all know I'm not the best at being consistent with the blog while trying to care for my family.  But I’m always trying to figure out how to balance the two.  I wanted this book to help me and I did glean a few things from it.  However, I felt it was written more for the blogger who is just starting the journey.

The No-Brainer Wardrobe  Always in search of finding ways to breath life into my wardrobe and drag myself out of the yoga pants, I have enjoyed the books on fashion and beauty that were in this bundle. 

I’ve read more but this post is already getting too long.

What I want to read next…

A few weeks ago, I finally took the plunge and watched Hunger Games on Netflix.  I loved it!  It is rather intense at times due to the emotion of the movie so I would have to pull out my phone and browse Facebook to calm me down.  That may sound like I didn’t enjoy it but I really did.  So much that I watched it a second time with our teenagers. 

So I now want to reading the second book of the trilogy Catching Fire.  I’m waiting until I have a large chunk of time because I’ve heard it is hard to put down. 

I love to talk books so if you have some good recommendations, I’d love to hear it!  

Disclaimer:  Affiliate links are used in this post.  If you happen to make a purchase through one of the links, our family will receive a small credit.  Thank you for your support!

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