Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do they give away an award to the worst gardener ever?

June 26, 2013 011

So I guess it wouldn’t actually be an award if it was for the worst gardener, now would it?

But if they did give it away, I’d surely deserve it. 

However in all fairness, I did almost let the garden lie fallow this year.  That should have been an indicator that my heart just wasn’t as into it this as it has been in the past. 

 June 26, 2013 013

Oh, I love the garden.  I love the beauty and the fresh fruits & veggies.  I don’t even mind the hard work. 

But I knew it was going to be a different summer than we normally had.  This summer would be much more active than or normal slow summers.  And working a garden properly would be hard.

The garden has been productive in some areas and we’ve reaped the benefits. 

But there have been some major fails.

Fail #1  Zucchini and the squash borer worms

June 8, 2013 021 The squash vine being literally eaten from the inside.

I always have trouble with the squash borer worm.  Since I shy away from chemicals in my garden, it makes it hard to kill these buggers.  Supposedly you can make a tent out of tulle to cover your plants (so the adult bug can’t lay eggs on your plant).  I did do that…for one day.  And my zucchini plants succumbed to the plant eating pests.

Solution:  Enjoy the few squash we actually harvest and gladly receive any being given away by gardening friends.  Or actually cover the plants with tulle for say…more than one day.  *smile*


Fail #2  Roma tomato jungle gone wild

June 24, 2013 066 Can you spy the tomatoes somewhere in that mess?

I snoozed big time on getting the Roma tomatoes tied to supports while they were small.  And once I finally got around to it, the plants were too large to tie up correctly. So now we have a Roma tomato jungle gone wild.  It’s kind of scary, folks.

Solution:  Search for the Roma tomatoes while praying that you are not reaching for something else with teeth that hurt.  Next year, support those tomatoes earlier!

Fail #3  Birdhouse gourds or butternut squash?

June 5, 2013 026

I wouldn’t know.  I planted both (I think) and I forgot to label them.  I guess we’ll find out once they fruit. 

Solution:  Always label plants!  Either in the garden or in a journal.  Always!

Fail #4  Potato crop loss

June 19, 2013 025 The yellow plants are the potatoes.  They actually look worse than that now.  As in, they look dead. 

Our potato vines are dying back and that is usually a sign that we are ready to dig.  Upon wanting to add a few potatoes to our dinner, I dug up a few plants.  There were no potatoes or the ones that were there were so incredibly tiny that a mouse wouldn’t get full on them.  I think we may have a diseased potato crop.

Solution:  Some of the potatoes planted were seed potato and some were from sprouts in our kitchen.  The experts say that if you plant from your sprouted potatoes, you chance them being diseased.  I think they are correct.  So always plant with certified potato seed. 

Fail #5  Grapes are picky about pruning

June 8, 2013 006

I have a hunch that I pruned the grapes incorrectly last year because we only had one bunch of grapes this year.  And they died.  This makes me sad.

Solution:  Read more about proper pruning in order to actually grow grapes on the grape vines. 

These are a few of our garden fails.  But we’ve had some good things happening in the garden too.  But that, my friends, is another post.

Blessings, Adriane  


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