Sunday, June 16, 2013

8 quick takes {the update edition}

Life on the blog has been still and quiet.  But real life…not so much!  Here’s what we’ve been doing this busy summer…

1.  Vacation Bible School

June 16, 2013 041

Last week was Vacation Bible School!  We love VBS and I had the fun privilege of leading the music rotation.  My co-teacher and I only taught for 45 minutes every night but it was 45 minutes of fast moving music and movements.  It was so much fun!  Exhausting.  But fun!

2.  Older boys and fishing

June 8, 2013 035 June 8, 2013 034

We live fairly close to a city pond…lake…actually I’m not sure what it is.  Perhaps it is an oxbow lake.  Anyway, the older boys have been enjoying spending time at the lake/pond water source…and have been catching quite a few fish. 

3.  Speaking of fish

June 16, 2013 066

At VBS family night, the three younger children all won & each came home with a goldfish.  All three goldfish are now dead.  We may be good at catching fish, but apparently we are not so good at keeping them alive.

4.  New news

June 16, 2013 030

The next two weeks are going to slow down for our family calendar-wise {whew!}.  So in these slower days, I’m going to be starting some new adventures.  Hopefully soon I’ll be announcing some new things we have going on in our home.  (Hint:  It has something to do with the picture above.) 

5.  Summer swim

June 5, 2013 112

Our two older boys have participated in summer swim for the second summer in a row.  The season is almost over and I am proud of them and their swimming efforts this summer!

6.  The garden

June 16, 2013 137

The garden is in full swing!  We are harvesting something(s) every day.  And weeding. And watering. And mourning the loss of our zucchini plants to the squash borer worms (again). We are anticipating some ripe tomatoes soon! 

7.  A double digit birthday girl

May 29, 2013 299

Our oldest daughter turned ten and her birthday present was to get her ears pierced.  This girl is such a mixture of spunk & tomboy with many dashes of girly-girl & sweet compassion.  I love that about her!  She spent her actual birthday traveling for a family mission trip (and that was what she requested to do on that day).  {And that’s just mud on her hands from our Memorial Day weekend mini-vacay.}

8.  Father’s Day

June 16, 2013 049 

Today we celebrated Father’s Day with our husband and dad, David.  He is the best husband to me and father to our children that I could ever have asked for.  I know many women say that.  But he is for real and for true a wonderful man, husband, dad, person, etc.  We are thankful for the blessing of walking with this fabulous man!

I think we may now be updated from these past few weeks.  There should hopefully be some posts coming soon and that new news I spoke about!

Blessings y’all!



  1. Wow your garden looks great. It has been so cold here our garden isn't even growing. We've planted cucumber plants twice now and nothing is germinating. We love the fishing pictures. Elise

    1. Thank you! I hope you all warm up soon so y'all can get some summer veggies. I need to send some of this hot your way!


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