Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ten {must haves} in our garden

Every year it happens. 

Those gardening catalogs full of shiny, happy pictures flow into our mailbox and entice me to make a much too long list of plants for the garden. 

And a list I make.  I want to try a little bit of every thing in the catalog. 

But then there’s that whole we live in the city and have limited space thing…so I usually limit trying new items to one or two plants a year.  (But if space were not issue, I would try many, many more!)

However, there are a few things that will always find their ways into our garden. 

Our garden must haves…

1.  heirloom tomatoes

 May 7, 2013 019 We are some salsa lovers around here so tomatoes are a must!  I had a friend share some interesting heirloom seed with me and we should have red, black, green-striped, purple, and yellow tomatoes this year!


2.  purple coneflowers

updated header They bring bees, butterflies, and beauty…enough said.


3.  blackberries

May 7, 2013 016 Three years ago, I planted two blackberry bushes.  Today, I can’t count how many we have.  These things are prolific!  Good thing though because my kids love some blackberries. 


4.  peaches

May 7, 2013 025 Every summer we head to the Farmer’s Market for some fresh peaches.  This year, we will head to our backyard for some.  Excited does not even describe it.


5. grapes

May 7, 2013 029 You have not truly tasted grapes until you stand under the vine, pluck off a few, and plop them into your mouth.  The taste is divine!


6. okra

July 14, 2012 056 A staple in Louisiana gardens everywhere…the pretty flowers are a bonus!


7. snow peas

May 7, 2013 032 My kids are known to bring a little Ranch dressing out to the garden and start feasting on the peas

8. potatoes

May 7, 2013 006

Last year we skipped planting potatoes.  The potato lovers were not keen on this idea.  This year we are planting them again but trying new methods to help with our heavy soil.


9. snap beans

May 7, 2013 010 We planted green and purple snap beans this year.  The yellow wax beans didn’t get into the ground and will have to wait until the fall planting. 


10.  wildflowers & sunflowers

 view from the pool[6] I actually haven’t planted many flowers this year which is weird for me.  But they bring so many pollinators to the garden not to mention that they are so pretty…this is on my garden to-do list!

What are some of your garden must haves?

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  1. Hi, I love the purple coneflower and it's easy to grow. We also grow heirloom tomatoes. One word of advice, don't use for salsa or canning purposes. I made this mistake last year and they have too much water content. We grow potatoes and the kids love digging them up. Last year we bought 10 dwarf fruit trees; apple, peach, pear, nectarine and apricot. They are so cute and we look forward to fruit next year. Kale is a favorite of ours along with herbs. Thanks for sharing your garden photos. I love to see them. Elise

    1. Thank you for that advice about the heirlooms. I have 8 romas and that is what I usually use to make salsa. But I have about 10 or so (have lost a few so not sure of count right now) of the heirlooms and I'm not sure what I will do with all of them since only two of us eat raw tomatoes. I guess the neighbors will enjoy a few! :-D

      I love purple coneflower but I divided mine and moved the plants this year and it has not perked up yet. I will be upset if I lost it.

      We have never grown kale but I'm hearing so much about it lately that I think this will be something we need to try next year. And herbs are a favorite of mine too...however, the only thing I have right now is mint. I moved my herb bed and just haven't replaced all of the herbs. And somehow I killed my rosemary. This has not been my best gardening year but we will carry on and eat what we get!

      Thanks for visiting Elise! I always look forward to your wise comments. :)


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