Thursday, May 9, 2013

reading & creating {knitting}

I have always been a reader. 

As a young girl and even as a teenager, it was not unusual to find a book in my hands. 

I love to create too.  Usually my creations are more on the organized spaces side but occasionally I get to actually craft or knit or sew. 

I have been inspired to share some of my love of reading & knitting by the Small Things blog which has a Yarn Along weekly link-up.  I’m not going to link-up (yet) because knitting is a very new skill to me and I’d be showing the same thing every time because I am s.l.o.w.  But I do like to discuss books and I can show my very slow progress every once in a while.  And who knows, maybe it will even inspire me to light a fire under my slow knitting self and finish in a more timely manner…*smile*.

April 30, 2013 076

One of the blogs I frequent told of the Kindle book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver being on sale for just a few dollars (link at the bottom of the post is for the Kindle version at this cost).  Since I have not been able to get my hands on this book through the library, I jumped at the chance to have it on my Kindle.  I’ve not read enough of the book to give you my opinion on it yet.


I’m also working my way through the 97 ebooks from this Ultimate Homemaking Bundle download that you probably saw circulating around the internet last week.  These ebooks are my Mother’s Day gift.  That and some free time…which I plan to spend creating something.  Is my hubby awesome or what?  *smile*

So far I’ve read 100 pound loser and I’m currently working through Embracing Beauty. And I’m only half-way through downloading the books.  Ninety-seven ebooks are a whole lot of books, my friend!  I’m in ebook heaven!


Now about that knitting…

April 30, 2013 078

Many moons ago, I started this infinity scarf and I hope to be able to wear it next winter.  (Trust me, it will take me that long to finish.)  Usually I knit while I’m waiting for the boys at swim team practice.  The problem is, I don’t have any of those needle thingies (see…I’m so new I don’t even know what they are called) and a few stitches slipped off in transit.  It’s got me baffled because I’m trying to figure out which loops to put back onto the needle. 

Plus I’ve obviously dropped a stitch (or even two or three…) because this is a knit 1/purl 1 pattern and it’s not looking like it should.  So I’m at a stand still and wondering…do I carry on and ignore the mistakes or do I take it off the needles and start again?

And I’ve got my eye on making this baby blanket for a friend whose baby is due in June.  And at the rate I go, I’m thinking it’s time to set the infinity scarf aside and get busy on that. 

 Are you creating or reading anything?  If so, I’d love to hear it! 

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  1. Hi, I can say I am scanning many garden books right now but not actually reading them cover to cover. I tried knitting and gave up. I do crochet but like you it takes me forever to finish something. I mostly sew. Right now I am working on an outfit for my four year old daughter, an apron and other misc. mendings. I am not creative and I need a pattern. My mother was amazing, she did it all from sewing, painting, crocheting, etc. I guess that "gene" missed me but I am glad to say some of my kids received it and I am in awe of the items they make. I saw the e-book bundle and the very number of books scared me! Let me know what books are exceptional from the bundle. Elise

    1. Elise, I am the same way about sewing too. I have to have a pattern. :) I'm really not that great at knitting or crocheting. But I like that I can carry that around with me if I go somewhere. I do like to sew. Actually hope that I can do a bit on Saturday.

      I agree 97 is a whole lot of ebooks. It will keep me busy all summer...probably longer. I will definitely let you know which books I think are good reads.


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