Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our homeschool week {the week where we changed our plans}

This past school week was supposed to be a week of school work and not a spring break for us.  Uh-huh.  Well, that was until my husband gently suggested that I take a week off and focus a bit on some things that I had been wanting to do.  So even though I said we weren’t taking the week off from school work, we did. 

And it was good. 

Sometimes we all just need a break from the everyday.  It seems to restore our energy and brighten our outlooks around here.  So I’m very glad that my husband suggested a little break.

Here are a few things we did over our spring break:


Civil War historic site

Dave took the kids on a field trip to a local Civil War historic site while I worked on school plans.


1 & 3  A field full of wildflowers is simply a dream come true to my little girls hence the five bouquets of flowers that they brought home.

2 & 4  A Civil War era cabin

March 27,2013

1  Evan and the cannon

2  A toothbrush made out of pig hair

3  The medical instruments intrigued my kids.  Can you guess what these two instruments were for?

4   A drum that my daughter was allowed to play


Pets are family too…

We celebrated the first birthday of our scruffy pup, Snowball.  He enjoyed a yummy (to him) “doggy cake” of dog food with bits of hot dogs and a hot dog candle.  Yum-O! We enjoyed watching him dig into his special treat.  *smile*

March 26, 2013


Mini vacation

Our family went away for a little mini vacation at the lake over the Easter weekend. 

April 1, 2013

As you can see from the pictures we had fun.  Some of our activities were roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, driving the golf cart, playing on the beach, fishing, and just hanging out together. 

 The spring break was great for all of us and has helped fuel our energy this week as we dig in to finish the school year with a bang!

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  1. Hope that birthday feast for your cute little dog is not the amount of food he is normally fed! My 85 pound dog doesn't get that much!
    Living in the frozen north tundra, I am envious of your beautiful garden posts. Thanks for sharing.

    1. We did go a little big on that feast, didn't we? :) Snowball actually just snagged all of the hot dogs and left the dog food for later! Thanks for visiting!

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