Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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April 22, 2013

Last night, we spent time in a city about an hour away while our oldest daughter competed in the state Bible drill competition.  I wish I had a picture to show you but I didn’t realize my SD card was full until I was ready to take a picture.  *smile*  We stopped for a bite to eat before we left the city and all sat together laughing as the littlest one danced to the music.  The ride home was great too as the two teenagers engaged in some deep conversations with David and me. Great family memories were built and my heart is full and overflowing this morning.

I am also tired. tired. tired. And I’m behind all ready (even though it’s early morning.) And it is our busy day.  So instead of my scheduled post, I’m going to leave a few links to some places around the blog world that I’ve read lately that really spoke to or inspired me.  

What to do When You Feel Alone by Mom’s Mustard Seeds


Walking through dry season with God:  6 symptoms of growing away from Him  by Biblical Homemaking


Simplicity 1817 in Orange and Pink by S as in Sam


Perspective Change on School Lunch:  Tasty Tuesday’s Mommy Moment by Balancing Beauty and Bedlam


How Living Close to the Land Can Help Boys by Homestead Revival


That’s about all the time I have today!  I’m off to feed some kiddos, inspire some learning & creativity, and taxi children to & fro.  *smile*

Wishing you a Wednesday full of blessings!



  1. Hey, it let me comment! This is your husband. I had a great time last night with the Bible drill, our fun eating out, and with the conversation with the boys on the way home. I feel that was very beneficial. Maybe we need to go for 2-3 hour drives more often??? Love you!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Dave. It was fun. And I agree...very beneficial. A 2 - 3 hour drive sounds good. Or maybe an 8 hour one to the beach? :D Love you too!

  2. Ok about the above comment...I didn't realize it would put my name. But in my defense, there are A LOT of David Wilsons in the world and you might not have realized it was me :) Love you!

    1. Haha! It would have been kind of strange for another David to be saying he loved me! You crack me up!


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