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{easy} meal planning and a menu

 April 8, 2013 122 I’m not the only one using a Christmas mug in April, right?

I am on a quest. 

A quest to focus and simplify our family life.

How am I working towards this?

By simplifying and creating routines & tools that will help me to efficiently run our home.

Our homeschool has benefited (even if it didn’t happen until the end of the school year).

And now my sights are set on menu planning.

I am a HUGE fan of having a menu plan.  But the actual process of menu planning…not so much!

And as much as I hate admit it, I will procrastinate and find anything else to do except meal planning until it’s a problem. (As in no meal plan and two hungry teenaged boys kind of problem…)

But no more, my friend.  Now I have a handy, albeit plain & no-frills little piece of paper with all of our most frequently eaten meals on it. 

April 8, 2013 131

In addition to this little miracle wonder list-o-meals, I also have another list with the following themes:

  • Sunday:  Slow cooker or Eat out
  • Monday:   Grilled or easy meal (depends on day’s activites)
  • Tuesday:  Pasta/Italian/Mexican
  • Wednesday: Slow cooker or sandwiches
  • Thursday:  Breakfast for dinner
  • Friday:   Family favorites
  • Saturday:  Sandwiches, soup & salad, or baked potatoes

With these two nifty little tools in my hands, I can easily pull together a quick meal plan for the week. I simply look at the night’s theme and then the list of most eaten meals…pick one add a few sides and VOILA, we have a meal! 

Of course, I didn’t add that I also work around what’s on sale and add new recipes for variety but that’s another post since this one is all ready a wee bit too long. 

So this week’s menu will include the following meals:

What’s on your meal plan this week?

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