Wednesday, April 17, 2013


April 10, 2013 005


the clatter of clean silverware being sorted and the quiet of children sleeping


a blog post written with a very open and vulnerable heart.  decided not to post it…for now

April 17, 2013 030


spray paint is my new best friend


a cardigan…in a Louisiana April.  the air conditioner has all ready been fired up for the summer spring.  (it’s Louisiana.  the air has been on since February.) it takes me a while to adjust to the direct air blowing on me. well, unless I’m sleeping and then I can’t seem to find enough air to blow on me.

April 8, 2013 076


podcasts on my phone.  they make my morning walk go incredibly quickly

April 17, 2013 023


on planting tomatoes.  i am so behind in the garden.


of creating.  I found a tutorial for making an ombre t-shirt scarf.  this looks like fun!

 April 8, 2013 102


for Boston.  for Sylvia.  for mine and Dave’s grandmas. 


just finished the Duggars book.  looking for a new read.  any suggestions? 


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