Monday, April 22, 2013

a birthday, family meals, & a menu

April 22, 2013 035

Back in March we started our family’s birthday season.  We will celebrate birthdays every month from March until September with the month of June off (which is our wedding anniversary).  One of our birthday traditions is to let the birthday child create the menu for the day of his or her birthday.

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Sunday was our Sunshine Girl’s 7th birthday.  She chose doughnuts & bacon, tacos and nachos, and homemade chicken strips & baked french fries for her day’s menu.  It was a seven-year-old girl’s delight!

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Eating family meals together is another important tradition for our family.  We try to eat together as many nights a week as we can.  It’s hard to make time for this as we rush to practices and church, etc.  But we make it a priority for our family and we strive for as many meals a week as we can.   

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Today our daughters made it even more special. The weather was beautiful and the girls asked if they could set up a table outside for our dinner.  It was lovely to be together on an absolutely wonderful spring evening. 

And speaking of food…here is our very simple meal plan for this week:


  • yogurt w/strawberries and granola
  • peanut butter or cheese toast with fruit
  • cheesy eggs and fruit
  • biscuits and sausage
  • boiled eggs & smoothies

Lunch  (with fruit & veggies/salad)

  • grilled cheese & ramen
  • hot dogs w/chili & baked fries
  • sandwiches, popcorn, fruit
  • spaghetti, grilled pizza sandwiches
  • pizza


  • Tex-Mex chicken over rice with black beans and salad  ( I use my Tex-Mex pork loin recipe and substitute chicken)
  • Cajun chicken & sausage stir-fry, rice, green beans, salad
  • Waffles and sausage (spinach omelette for me instead of waffles)
  • Slow cooker chicken with potatoes & carrots, broccoli, salad
  • eat out (busy night)
  • leftovers Saturday (or a quick breakfast night if the leftovers are gone)

wishing y’all happy eating this week,



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