Thursday, March 7, 2013

what I’m…

This poor little blog space.  It sits silently and waits for me to embellish it with words.  I truly don’t mean to neglect it.

Sometimes I can’t help it…like when I’m researching dslr cameras (finally bought one too…like 10 minutes ago)or when the power cord on the laptop goes kaput and you can’t even power up the computer. 

But sometimes living life off screen is kind of nice too.  It seems that I just get so much more done around here which is really pretty lovely. 

However, there are times I just need to create.  Create a blog post.  Take some pictures.  Put my thoughts down.  And that is why I blog.

So after all of that rambling…here’s what I’m:


March 7, 2013 026

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess 

 Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness

Sparkly Green Earrings: Catching the Light at Every Turn

I highly recommend 7.  Have you read it? 


March 7, 2013 064

I finally completed the infinity scarf that I had started knitting way back when.  (Don’t worry, the flower is not attached.  I was being artsy one day.)  I’ve started another scarf too.  Post coming soon. 


 March 7, 2013 105

We are in the process of remodeling the living room area.  After many weeks of deliberation over the exact shade of gray that we wanted on the walls, we choose one.  (Who knew there were so many shades of gray?)  It turns out that it’s not actually the color we wanted but we’re going with it. 

March 7, 2013 112

We’re even painting the floors.  On the left is the color we painted 9 years ago when we moved in.  It is showing the wear & tear of five children, 2 adults, a cat, and a dog.  On the right, our new chowder white floors (that obviously need to be swept and mopped – just keepin’ it real *smile*).  Soon the left will look like the right.  And I’m sure that soon the right will look more like the left after the five kids get a hold of it.  


March 7, 2013 039

Allergies have kept me from heading outdoors to work in the garden space but they didn’t keep me from starting a few seeds.  Garden post coming soon. 


March 7, 2013 008

You know we’ve been plugging along with our school work.  There should be a post tomorrow about that.  This is just a preview of last week’s lesson when the dog joined us for our Greek root review.  That didn’t disturb the lesson at all!


March 7, 2013 116

Tonight we cooked up some quick rolls for dinner.  Those are a favorite of the kiddos.  Lately, we’ve been spending a little more time together in the kitchen.  My kids have been baking cookies and making omelettes.  It’s kind of fun to watch my kids growing up!

So I think we’re caught up now.  Don’t forget that you can always check my sidebar over there ----> for pictures of what we are up to on Instagram. 

See y’all soon and we’ll talk school & gardens & knitting & more, I’m sure!

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