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Our homeschool week {the semi-spring break week}

March 23, 2013 021

Spring is putting on a show here in the deep south and this coming week is spring break for our school district.  But my poor kiddos will be working…well, they’ll be working for four days of the week anyway.  Then they will get a four day weekend over the Easter weekend.  So I’m not too much of a mean mom.  *smile*

And before you think I’m opposed to spring breaks (which I am not), let me explain.  We are not taking the whole week because I really want to finish up our My Father’s World curriculum before June.  Our family enjoys our summers and then there’s the garden that consumes a lot of our summer as well as swim team practice & competitions, so we really need to catch up before then.

March 17, 2013 168Our daughters participated in the Parade of Nations last Saturday.  They shared what they had learned about the country of Honduras with their GA class. 

However this past school week, we actually took a semi-spring break.  We didn’t break from school work all together but we stuck to doing the basics everyday with a little bit of history thrown in here & there.

You see, I had to get some deep cleaning done.   And after eight years of homeschooling, I’m still trying to figure out the whole school work/housework thing.  So in order for the deep cleaning to happen, the school work has to go on the light side.  Maybe I’ll figure it out…one day…

So I’m sad to say, there just aren’t many pictures this week.

March 23, 2013

1.  We set up a table for the littles to do their school work.  2.  Abby hard at work on her phonics.  3.  Evan working on finding pictures with the short u sound.  4.  Emma making a notebooking page for the Greek root dia.  5.  Pattern blocks keep Evan working while Mom rotates amongst the older kids.


Today, David is taking the kids on a field trip.  And I’m at the computer working on our plans for the rest of the school year.  My plan is to have the last few weeks of school planned for each child’s individual and joint lessons.  I’m also aiming to make copies of everything we are going to need for the next few weeks. 

March 23, 2013 052

How do you plan for your school year?  Week by week? Or in large chunks? 

I’ve done it both ways but I usually do it week by week or month by month if I have extra time.  I’m hoping this summer to get as much of the new school year planned and papers printed before we even begin.  We shall see…*smile*


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