Tuesday, March 12, 2013

knitting an easy cowl {teaching myself how to knit}

March 7, 2013 078

After dealing with perfectionism that has made me unravel many of my knitting projects, I have finally finished one! 

I made this very simple infinity scarf {also called a cowl}.  And I actually made it without a pattern! 

 March 7, 2013 091

Well, I had a pattern that I was sort of following but it just didn’t seem big enough so I cast on way more stitches than the pattern called for.  I think it may be a bit bigger than I actually intended but this is a learning process for me.

I stuck with the basic knit stitch on this scarf since it’s kind of hard to mess it up.  I just knitted until it seemed like the scarf was wide enough.  It was quite freeing to just knit and not worry about how many stitches or how many rows. 

March 7, 2013 056

However, I’m not quite sure that the product looks exactly like what I had in mind.

Like I said, it’s a learning process…

March 7, 2013 062

I did wear the scarf one night to children’s choir and the kiddos actually commented on the scarf.  They were very impressed when I told them that I had made it myself.  Boy, I love being able to tell people that!

Since I am using You-tube videos to learn to knit, I first searched for a video on knitting in the round. 


After I had determined that the scarf was as wide as I wanted it to be, I found this video on binding off.

And that’s it!  Easy peasy.  I promise!

You can teach yourself to knit. 

Here are a few posts to help you get started:

If you are wanting to learn how to knit, there are numerous videos on You-tube that can teach you. 

And I do have another project on the needles:

March 7, 2013 060

It’s another scarf that is a bit more complicated than the one above.  I love the color!  I thought it would be neat to wear on Easter morning since we will be at the lake and the church service will probably be outdoors but I’m not sure it will be ready by then. 

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  1. Looks GREAT!!! If you don't want it to roll, as stockinette does, do a couple rows at the beginning and then again at the end in garter stitch or seed stitch. That will give it structure. I would say block it, but since I don't block anything...... :)

  2. Thanks, Sally! I figured there was probably a way to keep it from rolling. I will try that next time. :)


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