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I’m a little bit classical…


Collages4 The dog joined us as we played a Greek root review game.

…I’m a little bit rock & roll…

Sorry!  Flashing back to my childhood days of Donnie and Marie.  *smile*

If asked the question, “What kind of home school method(s) do you use?”, my answer will always be that we are eclectic.

We borrow a bit from many of the methods:  Charlotte Mason, traditional, delight-directed

but we lean heavily towards Classical.

I love the Classical Method – the memory work, the focus on classic literature, the writing.  This method truly appeals to the Language Arts lover in me.

The method can get a bit rigid though (in my opinion) which is why I think it is great to mix it with the gentleness of the Charlotte Mason approach to learning.


February 25, 20134 A little hands on learning for the littles 

Charlotte Mason stated that “Education  is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.”


We use very few workbooks in our home.  Some subjects are more suited to this approach (such as Math and Grammar)and you’ll find those in our home.  But great books can teach us quite a bit too. 

And let’s not forget hands-on learning.  So much is learned from getting out there and just doing it!

February 25, 20133

1 Our older boys are learning their ways around the kitchen.  One made cookies for the family and the other made popcorn on the stove top.

2  After watching a video on making a rubber egg, our 12 year old son wanted to give it a try.  To try it…put an uncooked egg in a jar and cover it with vinegar.  Let it sit for 2 days and watch the changes.  It’s pretty amazing!

3 We lean toward the classics in our reading but our 9 year old was given this book and wanted to read it for school time reading.  I figured I’d let her try it out.  *smile*

Our 6 year old is loving that she is becoming a fluent reader and gaining spelling skills.  When I’m calling out her spelling words, she insists on writing a whole sentence with the word!


Collages3 We use Abeka for Kindergarten and 1st grade reading.  At the completion of 1st grade, the children move into reading various literature selections. (I have found that Abeka is advanced and children have all of the tools needed to continue reading at the end of 1st grade curriculum without the use of a structured curriculum.  At least, that has been our experience.)

Next school year, we will be trying something new to us.  We will be joining the Classical Conversations family.  Once a week we will be meeting with other homeschoolers and will be learning together as a community.  Actually, I will be a tutor for one of the classes.  We are all very excited about our new school year!

March 7, 2013 102 Reading out loud to mom for fluency.  On the board:  learning when to use the letter K and when to use the letter C.


March 7, 2013 094 Learning about the propulsion of rockets.  Fire was involved.  *with adult supervision *smile*

So I guess you could say that we really are a Classically educating family now.  But I will continue to say that we are eclectic with a heavy emphasis on the Classical. 

What educational philosophy do you use to shape your home education?

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