Friday, February 8, 2013


life rearranged I love me some Instagram. 

So I’m jumping on the Insta-Friday train!

Here are glimpses of our life this week…

(which also happen to be posted in my sidebar)


I found it ironic today as I thought about it…

as much as I whine about how gray and drab winter in the deep south is

it’s kind of funny that I’m trying to pick out gray paint for our walls!


I stepped into the kitchen to make breakfast the other day and was rushed out by our two daughters.

They later served me a plate of cheese toast, cheese slices, and apple.  

I’m still smiling about that.


I’m getting old.

Because my oldest baby boy is starting Driver’s Education classes next week.

When did I get so old?

And when did my baby become a not-so-baby-boy-anymore?


My other older son made a cantaloupe fruit bowl for lunch.

Then he asked me to take a picture of it.

And not with my phone but with my “real” camera (his words).

And I laughed.

Because you can tell he’s a child of a blogger!

(And I still snapped a picture with my phone too.  I couldn’t let this moment pass by without Instagramming it!)


So back to that living room remodel and the gray paint…

I’ve been dreaming up a little “beach cottage” makeover on our home.

But after seeing this treasure that our neighbor was getting rid of…

Definitely thinking “shabby chic cottage” makeover now.


As we sat around the coffee table, eating cantaloupe while reading about the sun, solar flares, and sunspots.  And as we continued to study ancient civilizations of North & South America…

I glanced at my family and was overwhelmed by the fact that I love my kids.

Kind of random, I know, but it’s for real and for true.  I really did think that.  *smile*

If you have an instagram account, I’d love to “meet” you.  I’m adrianedw on instagram.  :)

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  1. Love love love Apologia Science!!! :)
    We are working through the sea creatures right now. Planning to start Astronomy in June(ish) so we can spend more time staring at the ski at night without freezing our butts off here in Ohio. Lol
    We have 4 of their 6 science books and are forever pouring over them. :)

  2. We love Apologia too!

    We started with sea creatures and it was one of our favorites. We actually use My Father's World curriculum for our science spine but I usually supplement with readings from Apologia because it goes so deep. They pack a lot of punch in those books!


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