Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a day of homeschooling {with a 14, 12, 9, 6, and 4 year old}

You know how I love these day in the life posts and when I saw a link up at Simple Homeschool, you know I had to join in! 

We have extracurricular activities days and we have days where we get to stay at home.  The latter comes less frequently than the first and I absolutely love it when we have a completely stay-at-home-and-go-nowhere day!  This particular school day was just such a day.

(All times are approximate)

7 am-ish:  I sleep later today because we have no outside commitments. (yay!)  As I run to and fro trying to complete chores and put on a bit of makeup, the kids wake and eat breakfast and have some free time.  About 8:30, the children are expected to see to the making of their beds and the depositing of dirty clothes into the appropriate places.

January 30, 2013 036 

9 am-ish:  The school day starts with the two little ones off playing, the two middle children having Bible time with me, and the teenager starting his work.  Since we are building a Tabernacle during morning time, the little ones wandered back in and joined us.

January 30, 2013 040

9:30  After a quick overview of the lesson plans with the two middle children, they head off to quiet places to complete independent work.  The two little ones and I begin our morning by singing “Days of the week” to the Addams family tune.  We spend the time reading books, playing review games, and learning to read & spell (and eating apples for an after breakfast snack).

January 30, 2013 001

 January 30, 2013 007

10:30  The 4th grader heads back into the living room for some of her one-on-one instruction.  We work together on Spelling, Grammar, and Math.  In between her instruction the 1st grader and I work on Math & Spelling.  As all of this instruction is happening, the three little ones rotate amongst some of the preschool games

January 30, 2013 008

11:15  We need a break!  The kids head out for some free time.  I do the old switcheroo with the laundry and look over the older boys’ work to make sure that they are completing their work & to see if they are having any problems.

 January 30, 2013 018

11:35  Lunch is started.  The two little ones continue to play while I meet with the 4th and 7th graders for a science lesson.  The teenager informs me that he needs some help with math. I make a mental note to work on it this afternoon when it is a bit quieter.

12:00  David is home and we eat lunch.  The kids run outside for a little more free time while I clean dishes and attend to laundry.

January 30, 2013 014

1:00  Anyone who has uncompleted work returns to finish work.  Anyone who is finished plays a learning activity or game. The 7th grader and I work on Spelling and Grammar.  He tells me about the chapter he read today and I answer any questions from his math lesson. 

 January 30, 2013 042

1:45  The teenager and I meet. During this time,he tells me about his literature selection and about his history readings.  We both are avoiding it but know that we need to work on Algebra.  I look over his work and realize that he needed help with today’s lesson but attempted the other problems.  We both agree that a little break before we dive in would be a good thing.  *smile*

January 30, 2013 048

2:15  We all find a quiet place to rest.  Some read and draw.  Some watch TV.  Some play games on the ipod.  One closes her eyes and snuggles with the baby.

January 30, 2013 055

3:15  Upon the completion of quiet time, the girls want to do a little crafting.  Some of the boys head outside to play and work on bicycles.  I tell the teenager that we will start the next morning with that Algebra tutoring session.  He doesn’t seem to mind.  *smile* 

January 30, 2013 030

January 30, 2013 034

After that, the day becomes a day of trying to straighten the house and get dinner cooked.  Our extracurricular days look quite different particularly the part of the day that occurs after lunch.  Those days are a bit more hurried and busy.  I love these slower days when we don’t have to rush and can fit a nap in if we’d like to do so. 

To read the homeschool days of other families, visit Simple Homeschool.

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