Tuesday, January 22, 2013

going and rolling

January 10, 2013 009

You sure are flexible in dealing with that situation.”

A friend said this to me just the other day.

My reaction?

As I giggled a bit inside, I was actually thinking, “If only she really knew.” 

That’s when I broke the news to her, “I’m truly not a person with a very flexible nature.”

She smiled at me knowingly because this friend…well, she and I have very similar personalities.

But if I’ve learned anything in my 40ish years on this earth it is this:  life is so much more enjoyable if you go with the flow.

I will still always be a planner be it menus or cleaning schedules or even blog topic schedulesBut sometimes you just have to roll with the punches that life hands you.

This week I’m rolling.

As we participate in January Bible study at our church, my initial reaction is to worry how I’m going to do all that needs to be done around here.  How do you add in an activity that requires your time and stay on top of exercise, cleaning, and a full day of learning in our school?

My answer to that:  I don’t can’t.  Maybe others can but I simply can not do it all and remain sane.

Here’s where that deeply hidden flexibility part of me has to show its muscles.

First, we must decide what is important to our family.  For me us, those things are clean toilets, vacuumed rugs, feed every one 3 meals a day & clean up the aftermath, and stay on top of washing laundry (it might not get folded though).

Schedules and plans are great tools to help us as we take care of our families and homes.  But we should not let them be the master of our days.  I’ve learned that sometimes I have to remove things to spend time with a child.  That’s always time well spent.  There are times that I have to focus only on the basics such as  what we are doing this week and we also have to do when I am sick.  There will be time to get to the other things once life resumes normalcy.

And I have found out that once I let go of the perfectionism and “super mom” title and roll with the ebb & flow of life, that our home is so much more happy & peaceful.  Even if there are unfolded clothes and unmade beds.  Really. 

*The picture above has nothing at all to do with this post.  I just have this need to always put a picture with my blog posts.  But I guess you could say it coincides with the “going” part of this post because I was going to the garden on that particular day.  Or is that too much of a stretch?  {smile}

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