Tuesday, January 15, 2013

garden dreaming {2013}

December 3, 2012 001

I write this same post every year.  I simply have to.  You see, it is gray, dreary, and drab here in the deep south.  And it is cold.  Maybe not so cold to those who live further north than us but cold to my very deep south blood. The pansies give us little glimpses of colorful hope against the gray lifelessness of winter mud.  Sometimes the sun surprises us by illuminating the sky and showing us the blue instead of the dullness of the gray winter skies.  But most of January is wet, gray, cold, and drab.

It sounds kind of depressing, eh?

If I’m not careful, I can let the season of winter grab my joy and send me in a downward spiral of gloominess.  So every winter I find ways to combat it – colorful dishes in my home holding yummy, warm drinks; pansies in the yard; colorful, happy pictures drawn by my children that hang as bright decorations; cheerfully colored sweaters, shirts, and scarves; and planning the new garden.

January 10, 2013 011

I know the season of winter is short for us here.  (Really…who am I to complain…) And planning the garden helps me to remember that the return of colorful flowers, green plants, and blue skies are not so far away. 

And as soon as it warms up a bit (we’re expecting freezing rain tonight and tomorrow), I’m heading out to start on some of our new plans for our 2013 garden so we are ready to plant when the time comes.

January 10, 2013 012 We’ve all ready started to remove the front beds because they were falling apart.  They will be replaced with larger beds to hold more vegetable plants. 

Garden dreams {2013} 

  • remove white fence
  • remove flower/herb beds along front of garden
  • build new beds along front:  2 for veggies, 1 for herbs & flowers
  • transplant blackberries to back of garden in front of privacy fence
  • fix broken beds inside of garden
  • draw up plans for planting, make seed/plant lists
  • fill boxes with compost and cover with newspaper & leaves
  • find new location for grow light to start seeds

Even though the only thing growing in the garden now is {very neglected} mustard greens and sweet peas, the garden seems to have plenty of things for me to do.  Like they say, the garden never sleeps!

And it won’t be long before those of us in Louisiana will be ready to start planting and starting seeds. 

Here are a few resources that I use to help me plan when to plant/start seeds:

Are you dreaming up your new garden yet? 



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