Wednesday, January 16, 2013

focused on {routines}

2013 word of the year

More focused.  That’s what I’m striving to be in 2013.

In order to achieve the goal of being more focused, I’m devoting attention to little areas one item at a time instead of changing every thing all at once.  (Which is what I normally try to do and eventually crash & burn.)

The month of January is set aside to work on routines.

Chaos has reigned supremely here in our home over the last few months.  Much of the unruliness could be attributed to sickness and holiday busyness.  But it is undeniable that much of it could be blamed on the Mama of this house leaning a little bit toward the lazy side.

That would be me.  Ouch!

It seems only fitting that the said Mama needs to get herself focused on running this home which will ultimately lead to a happier, more peaceful home for all.

And the only place I really know to start is with our daily routines.  Here are some of the changes happening during the month of January in our home as this Mama becomes more focused:

  • Establishing routines for morning, afternoon, and evening.

During this week, the focus is on a morning routine – getting out of bed, starting school in a timely manner, making sure certain things are done before school begins.  Next week, we will turn our sights onto evening and afternoon routines.  However, those two seem to just be naturally falling into line as the morning routine is becoming more…well, routine {smile}.

January 10, 2013 043

  • I get by with a little help from my friends.

So my friends aren’t really here helping me.  Well, not my human friends.  But I do have two non-human friends that are most helpful in my quest to focus the tasks of our routines. 

One is my friend who helps with our afternoon/evening routines which are the times of day that we spruce up the house a bit.  Her name is the Motivated Moms App.  I’ve used the PDF version for years but this year I bought the app.  I love it! 

Another friend is my handy, dandy notebook.  I’d be lost without my paper brain to keep me on track of what needs to be done and during what time of the day to do it.

January 15, 2013 009 Just today, I started writing in the time of day that things need to be done.  M for morning, A for afternoon, and E for evening.  I realize that most people have probably figured that out but I was excited to realize that I could assign my tasks to certain routines.  [smile}

  • Daily goals and rewards

Since each routine during the day contains certain tasks to be completed, I set daily goals and rewards for myself as I work towards finishing these jobs.

Want to blog?  School must be planned for the next day and exercise completed.

Want to read before bed?  The living room needs to be straightened so we can begin the next day with a clean slate.  

By requiring particular tasks to be finished before moving on to something fun, I am ensuring that the work is done before the play.  And the stress is reduced because I feel a little more “on top of things”. 

What is positively surprising about this month of focusing on establishing routines is this:  just making changes to these three areas of our day is significantly transforming our days and the attitudes in our home.  Honestly, it is pretty amazing! 

Have you found that established routines help in running your home and in the attitude of your home?  Do you have any tips or advice on household routines?

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