Monday, December 3, 2012

December 1 - 3

Oops!  I’m a tad late but joining up anyway! 

The December Photo Project is a challenge to take a picture everyday in the month of December. 

I’ve always loved to look at the DPP photos on blogs that I read and thought that I’d join up this year.  You can join up too by visiting this link

December 1


The lighting of the candles around the advent wreath begins.  Every evening as we gather to eat, we talk about the Light of the world.

December 2

 evan singing

The children’s choirs perform.  I don’t know if there are many things sweeter to my ears than the sweet voices of children singing such sweet songs!  {I wish I could show all of their sweet faces  (and the picture also wouldn’t be so badly distorted either) but they aren’t all my kiddos and I don’t want to post without permission.  But trust me, they have some sweet, sweet faces!}

Did I overuse the word sweet or what? {smile}

December 3

Christmascrafting When Momma is sick and school is cut short for the day, the crafting begins!



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