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November 26, 2012 123

I mentioned that I had a new blog in the works.  I had hoped to open it today.  But then I resized the header that my husband had made for me.  That, of course, distorted it.  {smile}  He’s going to work on that for me and add a few details that we noticed would look good.  And then I tried my hand at making title buttons for the sidebar.  They are cute but not uniform.  Like I said I tried.  {smile}  In other words, the blog is simply not ready for opening yet.

And since I also mentioned that I’m trying to keep this Christmas season calmer, more simple,  and as stress free (as much as I can), I have decided to wait to open the blog in January.  This gives me a month to fix that header and figure out making the sidebar title buttons, etc.  One less thing on my plate this month means a much calmer mom.

But I wanted to share a few blog posts that I have read this week and a couple new blogs that I have discovered. 

I usually get sick ( and am currently sick) in December.  After researching, I’m wondering if it is the increase in sugar (lowers immunity) and the increase of go-go-go!  This is one reason why I’m trying to slow down this month. 

I read this to David and we both laughed.  I told him (and he agreed) that I really can not be all five things on this list all on one day.  (visit the link to see the list)  Except where she has “willing” wife, I would put the words “hair fixed, all makeup on, and non-stained clothing” wife.  {smile}

Yep!  What she’s said.

Because my heart is the heart of a homesteader…one day…

New to me blogs:

Because I really am trying to get dressed everyday…and in if ten…even better!

I came across this blog on Pinterest.  Many  great blog tips. 

I hope y’all have a great weekend!  Leave us a comment and tell us of any great blog posts or blogs that you’ve read recently!

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