Tuesday, November 13, 2012

knitting {wip} and the {purl stitch}

I think I have a brand new love. 

It’s called knitting!

I’m not sure why I’m enjoying it so much…maybe it’s just the newness of it all. 

Or it could be that I can carry my projects to different places with me, or my love of scarves and excitement that I can totally create them, or maybe even that I can sit and chat with others & watch football/movies while knitting.

Whatever it is, I am truly enjoying my new hobby!

Well, I’m enjoying it except for the snafu I ran into the other night.  I had to step away from the needles on that one! (more on that in a minute)

Works in progress (wip)

November 7, 2012 021

I finished the previous dishcloth that I showed you.  I had intended to use it in the kitchen but my oldest daughter begged me to give it to her.  She needed a soft cloth for her face, she said.  So she is now the proud owner of my first knitting project.  Then I started work on this happy little orange dishcloth.  Now someone else is trying to claim this one too.  {smile}

November 12, 2012 004

I love the scarf accessory craze!  This weekend, David and I went on a little date to the craft store for yarn to satisfy my need for scarves.  (I love that man!)  I had to show some serious restraint in the yarn aisles, y’all.  I walked out with three different colors.  Trust me, I could have walked out with so much more! 

November 12, 2012 005

The original plan was that the deep purple would be a scarf that was a mixture of knit stitches and purl stitches.  This is where I got frustrated and started to doubt if I was cut out to be a knitter.  Every time I got to about the fifth or sixth row on that scarf, I would get in a bind.  I could not for the life of me figure out what I was doing wrong.  It was something with the purl stitch but it has me baffled.  After the sixth (or maybe seventh) time of unraveling my work, I decided to find another scarf pattern.  This time, I am doing much better.  But I am determined to figure out that other pattern!

The Purl Stitch

On that note, I wanted to link you to another video for the purl stitch.  The purl stitch is not hard.  My problems above were something with switching between the two and where my yarn was…so don’t let my troubles scare you.  I’m pretty sure that my problem is simply lack of experience.  A visit with an experienced knitter could probably fix my problem right up!

Anyway, here is a good video on the purl stitch:

Other posts on how I learned to knit:

learning how to knit button


  1. Love it, Adriane! It took me SOOOOO long to master the purl stitch! i watched this video from the library a hundred million times, pausing it every quarter-second. Seriously. :) Are you making up your own scarf pattern? Once you learn how to increase and decrease you will be ready for sweaters!! :) Ohhh, to live closer to you!!!

  2. While I was fussing with that scarf, I was thinking...if I lived near Sally, I'll bet she could show me what I'm doing wrong. :) One truly has to make sure that your working yarn is the right spot on the purl stitch or you will have issues. :D Now I am using a scarf pattern I found on Ravelry. I believe it is called The Weekend Scarf. It is pretty simple but I'm learning a lot from it. I've made a few mistakes here and there but I've learned how to fix them too. (Well, some of them. There are a few large gaps in the scarf!) I'm so ready to make sweaters...well, maybe not knitting wise ready but excited ready. I love to wear cardigans and would love to make sweaters for my girls too.


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