Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday favorites {cold weather edition}

November 14, 2012 002

This little space in our bedroom is my “office”.  I sit here to write and plan.  I watch kids out the window as they play.  Sometimes I watch the butterflies & hummingbirds as they zip around the garden flowers.  I love the way the sun comes through the windows in this room.  I just adore this little space in our room! 

As I was standing here, I realized that this little space held some of my favorite cold weather things.  (Under the desk, you may see a box of stuff.  That is actually a box of homeschool books that my friend gave to me.  They are in this spot so I will remember to sort through them and find a spot on the shelves.)

Some of my favorite cold weather things are:

November 14, 2012 005

  • cozy sweaters

I love a cozy sweater!  We live in an older home and it can be a little drafty.  A cozy sweater is a must!

  • knitting work in progress (The Weekend Scarf found on Ravelry)

Knitting is my new hobby.  I am loving it!

November 14, 2012 003

  • Starbucks Caramel coffee (with half & half and sugar)
  • things to read 

Books on the Kindle, real turn-the-page books, or blogs on the computer…I love to read!

November 14, 2012 007

  • fleece

I love fleece and all of its coziness.  The big piece of green fleece is put on our windows at night because the neighbor’s light keeps me awake without it.  (Making some light blocking curtains is on my to do list…one day!)  My kiddos love to snuggle to sleep under fleece and have asked me to make blankets for Christmas presents.  {smile} 

What are some of your favorite cold weather things?

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