Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Using Pinterest to improve our home

I’m sure by now you’ve probably heard about Pinterest.  I LOVE Pinterest.  There are so many incredible ideas on Pinterest – recipes, organization, clothes, garden, home schooling, home improvement, crafting…and much more.

It is so easy for me to go crazy when I start “pinning” because there are so wonderful things that I just want to do it all!

Recently I’ve been going through my boards and removing things that were broken links or things that I probably wouldn’t do.

That’s when I got the idea to start a Pinterest Pins {DONE} board.  As I complete a project or cook a recipe, I am repinning the idea to that board.  I’ve not even finished going through the boards but out of the hundreds of pins that I’ve pinned, I’ve only got about 30ish on the completed board!  That’s just proof of how easy it to go “pin crazy”.  {smile}

imageI’m trying to focus on completing at least four pins a month and moving them to this new board.  One of our projects this weekend was to repaint the bottom of our small kitchen table to add some color to our kitchen.  Here is the finished project:

    October 7, 2012 020

It was inspired by this pin:

I love these colors {painted the bottom of a table this blue color}

source:  nesting place via Adriane on Pinterest

I pinned this because I love the colors in this photo by the nester.  Then I realized that I had some leftover paint in a similar color from a bathroom project that was just sitting in the garage waiting to be used!  We are not finished with the kitchen touch-ups yet but I was so excited about this little table that I had to share it.  It adds such a pop of color to the room!

I’m sure I’ll share our Pinterest home improvements as they happen.  Don’t forget there are recipes and home school ideas galore too! 

Have you tried any Pinterest projects?  What was your favorite project or recipe?


  1. That's pretty clever! A lot of my friends use Pinterest, but I've developed a liking for It has the same basic concept and it's been really helpful in organizing all sorts of ideas that I have going on in the grey matter.

  2. Thank you, Nikki. I will have to check out springpad. Thanks for leaving your blog address. It seems I'm having trouble visiting other blogs because I use Disqus for comments and I love to visit new blogs. :)


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