Friday, October 12, 2012

learning to knit {the knit stitch and a dishcloth}

learning how to knit button

Last week we talked about learning how to cast on.  This week we will learn the knit stitch.  By learning this stitch, you will actually be able to make a dishcloth.  Seriously!  I love it when you have just learned a new skill and {sha-zam} you’re all ready making something…instant gratification at its finest!

Here is the video that I used to learn the knit stitch:

How to knit: the knit stitch

This video was also helpful:

Knitting tutorial for beginners

And after practicing the knit stitch, you are ready to make a dishcloth!  Here is the video that I used for that:

Learn to knit a dishcloth

I also found some videos on increasing and decreasing stitches very helpful.  These can easily be found by doing a search on Youtube. 

If you try it out, please let me know how it’s going for you! 

Next week:  pictures of my knitted dishcloth so far (forgot to snap a picture while it was light today) and the purl stitch. 



  1. Look at you go!! Are you on Ravelry yet? I'm "witheagerhands" :)

  2. I forgot about Ravelry. I will have to visit. :)


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