Thursday, October 4, 2012

31days of getting dressed {4/31}


Confession time:  I stayed in my yoga pants until lunch time when I finally took a shower.

The yoga pants were my non-holey yoga pants so that’s good.  Right?

Reasons excuses for my late start to the day:

  • We are on fall break so I’m sleeping in.
  • There is an evil, evil allergen like ragweed or goldenrod blooming somewhere, I just know it.
  • Because when David asked me how I felt this morning as I awoke, I wanted say, “Like an elephant is sitting on my face”. 
  • Allergies stink!
  • Upon finally dragging my headachey self out of bed, a very cute 4 year old boy said, “Mommy, will you sit right here and hold me?”
  • Of course, I did not pass up that opportunity…clothes, shmose!  My baby wants me to hold him!

After my noontime shower, I just threw on some jeans, a shirt with a little sparkle, and mascara and lip balm.  Oh, and I fixed the bangs. 

 October 4, 2012 005

A little bit later, I got a text that a group I sing with was going to be singing tonight!  So I jumped up and did the whole she-bang – hair, jewelry, nice clothes, cute shoes.  Only, I have no full body shot because my photographer (my second oldest son) is out of town.  So I only have these very poorly taken bathroom mirror self portraits.

October 4, 2012 048

That’s quite a difference between my “at home” look and my “going somewhere” look.

Today’s conclusion:

  • I’d have to say that today was semi-successful.  I did get dressed but it was quite late in the day.  But still, I did get dressed.
  • I was actually more productive in my yoga pants than my regular clothes but that’s because it is hard to sit still in a home with five kids.
  • I wish my “going somewhere” look was easier so that it was also my “at home” look. 


  1. So... I giggled when I read this because I know!!! The only thing that comes to mind is the old Nike slogan: Just do it! I've told Adam recently, if I don't get up and ready while he and the kids are getting ready then it won't happen until just before carpool time!!!

  2. Awww, thank you, Sally! You made my, my week!

  3. It is true. If I'm not up and ready early in the morning, it's hard to fit in once the kiddos are on the move! :)


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