Sunday, October 21, 2012

31 days: {playing catch-up: days 18 – 21}

Remember the coffee pot

It’s definitely helping with this challenge.  My husband even says that it’s helping him to get up earlier.  Getting up earlier is key for me in this getting dressed challenge. 

And the laying out of clothes the night before?

Most assuredly a good thing too in the get dressed quest. 

The lack of discipline seems to be improving in regards to getting dressed everyday.

And I’ve not forgotten that there is a part 2 that needs to come after this part 1 of the why behind all of this.  It’s a little harder to write because it is me keeping it real…that’s tough to do sometimes.

Days 18 - 21

2012-10-21My apologies to those who don’t care for phone pictures/bathroom mirror pictures…sometimes that’s all a busy mom can get as she rushes on to the next thing to be done.  Also many apologies for the towels, rug over the shower rod, and cracked mirror.  I apply these reasons to the unsightly ( but totally for real) backgrounds:  kids take baths, sometimes things get broken in a house of many kids, and sometimes rugs get wet when kids take baths.  {smile}



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