Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 days of getting dressed:10/31 & 11/31

Do you ever have one of those days where you long to simply dress in your “comfort clothes”?  Kind of like comfort food, I have clothes that I turn to when I just need to feel safe.  On Wednesday, I came home from the kids’ swim team practice, took off my new striped (and cute) shirt, and put on my my “comfort clothes”: a loose t-shirt and my tan cardigan.  As I sat in front of my bedroom window and looked out over the garden, I thought of how something as simple as clothing could cheer me up when I am sad.  Yes, it was one of those days. 

October 11, 2012 005

And today, I broke the rules of the challenge.  I chose to not get up early and I slept in (we’re talking 7:00 am) because I didn’t have to be anywhere until this evening.  Then I went even further with breaking the challenge rules…I chose to wear my yoga pants!  I tutored algebra, taught 2 children how to read, cooked lunch, did science experiments, cleaned a kitchen, washed sheets, and…

went for a walk at lunch! 

When my husband came home at lunchtime, I scooted out the door for some fresh air & exercise.  And because I was all ready dressed in my yoga pants, it was super easy to avoid the “I’m not dressed for exercise” excuse.  I loved it!  There’s just something about briskly walking around the neighborhood in the middle of day listening to the BeeGees that makes this mom happy!  (Obviously, I’m a child of the 70s {smile})

Today I realized:

  • yoga pants make it hard to say no to exercise – I mean, you’re all ready dressed…that’s half the battle
  • clothes can make you feel safe and offer comfort when you are down
  • every day does not have to be a dress up day



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  1. I am loving reading your 31 days of getting dressed. I struggled with this too for a while and you are makes a big difference when you get dressed everyday.
    I do have to admit though, I love my yoga pants. I have a couple nice pairs that I wear on days I wont be leaving the house..but I make sure to wear a nice tops with it to balance it out. ;) my view on the yoga suject is not so much the fact that it is or isn't yoga is the presentation that goes along with it. :D


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