Monday, October 15, 2012

31 days of getting dressed: {days 12 – 15, I think}

I’m a little lost right now.  I really don’t know what days I have missed during this 31 days of getting dressed challenge.

Why, you say?  {ok, maybe you didn’t but…}

Life during days 12 – 15 of challenge…the abbreviated version…

internet modem issues so no blogging {boo!}

 October 15, 2012 002

pumpkin patch visit

yummy old-fashioned hamburgers with the family

internet modem fixed {yay!}

October 15, 2012 012

more internet modem issues {boo!}

Tamale Fiesta parade

time with family eating tamales and celebrating birthdays

October 15, 2012 027 the only picture that I took at the parade and if you look closely, you can see the view’s not so great…oh well…

trip back home with a stop or two on the way

Sunday morning at home with my sick daughter

internet fixed but locked out of my blog {what?!?}

October 15, 2012 009 I think he picked up every.pumpkin.there. {smile}

children’s choir

finally able to access my blog but…


school, swim, life…

And as for the 31 days of getting dressed challenge?  I was dressed everyday.

The only picture of me as proof…

October 15, 2012 016 

Lessons learned these past few days:

  • life is busy
  • life is good
  • life forces you to get out of the yoga pants at times

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