Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 days of getting dressed: 9/31


My feet hit the floor.  It’s quiet in the house – the kids are still sleeping. 

Quietly I walk over the old creaky hardwood floors hoping that I miss those boards that will creak loud enough to wake the kids.

My hand hits the coffee maker to get a cup of joe to start my day.  As the water begins to heat with a whooshing sound, I think, “Pleeeaaase don’t let littlest man hear it!”

But before long, little feet come padding into the room and ask me for a drink and I hear “Will you come and sit & hold me, mommy?”

We head into the living room to snuggle for a bit when I hear my littlest man start to gag. 

That’s not a good sound to hear in the morning!

I start to wonder if he is sick but then I quickly realize that the housebroken dog has left us a surprise.  Poor littlest man, he has his mommy’s weak stomach and high gag reflex!

As we both turn to call David who will save us from our calamity, we find another surprise left by the dog.

More gagging is heard and maybe not just from the littlest man.

Finally after cleaning up messes and finishing off a semi-warm cup of coffee, I head off to get a shower before David leaves for work. 

I open the linen closet to find my comfy yoga pants tucked away and waiting for my exercise later in the evening.  For a minute, I contemplate wearing them today.  It is a stay-at-home-homeschool-and-clean-the-house day so who’d ever know?

But then I remember, I set out my clothes last night.  I have actual ironed clothes awaiting me.  So I get dressed and realize that the bedtime routine is helping me to have a smoother morning even though the dog tried to throw a wrench into all of that.

October 9, 2012 008

I also learned:

  • a cheap $1 elephant necklace from the dollar jewelry store really dresses up a plain black shirt
  • a high, messy bun makes dirty hair look really pretty
  • it is easier to relax when you receive surprise visits from neighbors if you’re not worried about the holes in your yoga pants

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