Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 days of getting dressed: 6/31 & 7/31


I didn’t blog yesterday.  The kids were out of town visiting grandparents and I was undergoing the “great closet clean out and clothes switch-a-roo”.  Then last night, David and I headed out for revival at our church.  When we got home, I was tired and headed off to bed.

 October 7, 2012 008 Sunday’s outfit

So how am I doing on the getting dressed challenge?  I’ve actually gotten dressed everyday!  BUT I’ve also enjoyed my yoga pants.  I’m not totally anti-yoga pants (ok, I’m not anti-yoga pants at all).  Since it was the weekend and I was moving containers of clothing & cleaning out closets, I went for comfort.  And since it has gotten cold here, I even pulled out the fuzzy pink socks.  So, yes, I got dressed everyday. (It helps when you have places to go.)  But I’ve also found myself in my yoga pants and fuzzy socks at times. 

I think as a SAHM, I can strike a good balance between the two:  getting dressed every day and enjoying the comfort of yoga pants & fuzzy socks too. 

It reminds me of when I worked outside of the home.  I dressed professionally for work every day.  But when I came home, I would change into my comfy clothes.  This past week, I have found that I’m doing that here in our home too. 


October 7, 2012 027 Fuzzy socks and yoga pants after church

The real challenge will come on Monday morning:  I have to get up earlier than the kids and get myself dressed and ready for the day.  If I don’t start before them, my whole day will start behind.  That’s usually when I let the “getting dressed” slide. 

How am I going to get ready tonight for tomorrow?  Just like I did when I worked outside of the home, I’m going to iron & lay out my clothes tonight!

See y’all tomorrow!


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