Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 days: 23/31 {early to bed, early to rise}

 October 23, 2012 019

What do you call a mom of five with a towel wrapped around her eyes walking around the yard amidst swarming kids and repeating the word “bat”?

Do you call her:


or do you say:

she’s finally lost her marbles?

October 23, 2012 021

{My hair dried in all of its natural wavy frizz before I had a chance to straighten it this morn!}

So what would you say if you found out that she was teaching her littlest kids about echolocation because they are studying bats?  And she was the bat and they were the bugs? 

You would probably say:

Oh, she’s a homeschooler!

Life is always interesting around here, I tell you!

October 23, 2012 013

These past 23 days of getting dressed from head to toe have brought about many changes.  One change is that I can not be like a bat.  Whereas a bat stays awake at night, I am learning (relearning, really) that I must get to bed earlier if I am to be up before the kids and have the time that I need to start the morning without stress.  For me, getting dressed as much as possible and spending some time with God in Bible reading starts the morning off so much better than when those things are not done.


Are you new here and wondering what I’m talking about?  I’m taking the 31 day challenge.  Read the original post here.  Please click the button above to see all of the posts. 

Little note:  I am up to my eyeballs in tuille (sp) and making tu-tus for two very special girls.  In the mean time, on my computer sits the beginnings of preschool, homeschool, decorating, gardening, and knitting posts.  Soon and very soon, those posts will be completed and appear here.  But it may have to wait…until after I surface from the sea of tuille and tu-tus!

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