Friday, October 19, 2012

31 days: 17/31 {The why behind it all:part 1}

October 19, 2012 072 This poor quality picture is telling my story…read on {smile}

Technically, I am not supposed to be here right now.  It’s a school morning and blogging during school hours is a no-no for me.  However, it is Friday and Fridays are a little different around here school-wise.  Plus I haven’t been able to blog for a few days due to just the busyness of life and the tiredness of a mom.  So the kids are getting ready for the school morning and I’m churning out a super-quick-hope-there’s-no-typos-and-it-makes-sense blog post. 

Back to the topic at hand, I got to thinking why…why would I want to blog about getting dressed everyday.  I mean, there are so many great topics to choose from that could benefit readers in so many ways.  Why would I choose something like getting dressed everyday with a picture of myself?

As I pondered on this and thought about how I’m trying to simplify my life, I realized that my life greatly lacks one thing:


I have let myself develop habits that are keeping me in a constant state of chaos, disorder, running-behindness…all of which are places that I don’t like to be! 

I want my life to be calm in the midst of the chaos, peaceful in the disorder, and as close to on time as a mom of five can get.  That’s what I want.

How do I get there?


This is gonna be quick because I need to go start school with the kids. The chaos is building behind me as I type but let me tell you about the picture:

The picture is of our bedroom this morning (about 15 minutes before this post was written).  This is where I blog, there’s also a hot glue gun for some craft projects, a bag of fall items, my to-do list, and a coffee pot.  Say what? A coffee pot?  Yes, we decided to see if a coffee pot in our bedroom would help us in our quest to rise earlier.  We figured if it was in closer proximity to us then maybe we would be disciplined to get out of bed in a more timely fashion.  (And we won’t wake the littlest man up on our trek to the kitchen…you will totally understand this if you have old hard-wood floors and a pier & beam house.)

Did it help? 

The verdict is still out on that one!



  1. Getting properly dressed every day really does take discipline! I started planning my outfits in advance and laying out my clothes at night to save time and hassle. I was tired of wearing yoga pants and looking like a slob every day. :)

  2. It really does help to lay clothes out the night before. I have a problem staying consistent with that! Getting there...slowly. :) I feel the same way about yoga pants. I love my yoga pants but wearing them everyday has been making me feel like a slob. Thanks for visiting. :)


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