Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 days: 16/31

Today was a typical busy day for our family.  We did many activities that we had planned such as:


October 16, 2012 003

October 16, 2012 022

October 16, 2012 057

And we even had some things happen that we didn’t quite plan for such as:

 October 16, 2012 006

and this one will need some explanation.  Let’s just say:  plastic bag of beans sitting on the toaster over + someone trying to melt ice in a water bottle on top of the toaster oven = smoke + plastic stuck on mess

At least it didn’t = fire…thankful for that

   October 16, 2012 010

As for me + the 31 days of getting dressed challenge?

I was dressed in my comfy cropped pants that need to be gone from my closet because they are too big after weight loss and a comfy shirt.  I’m not sure there is much difference between this outfit and my holey yoga pants, to be honest.  We won’t talk about the hair, ok? {smile}

October 16, 2012 025 Can’t win ‘em all, can you?  {smile}


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