Thursday, September 27, 2012

breathing, changing, and knitting

I truly have not meant to leave this blog without any posts for almost a month now.  But between the laptop needing a new power cord and the PC being in a not-so-easy-to-concentrate-so-you-can-blog spot…well, blog posting has become a hard thing to fit into my days. 

But I think that’s been a good thing.  The computer issues have caused me to focus more on things going on in our lives.  Instead of ignoring issues in my life, I’ve had to think on them. 

And with that thinking, pondering, praying has come changing…

That’s a whole other post that I may or may not write but…we shall see…

In addition to changing, there’s also been breathing and knitting!

September 27, 2012 016 The lavender yarn pieces at the top are my first attempts at learning to knit. {smile}

A mom (and friend) of mine with grown children has known that I’ve been quite the frazzled mom lately.  She had been reading this book and brought it to me one night at church.  As she placed it into my hands she said, “This book made me think of you.”  I’ve not made it far into the book but so far it is like a fresh breath of air into my life. 

The first few chapters are about  slowing down and not hurrying.  And I’ve been doing just that.  Slowing down.  Not hurrying.  Savoring.  Realizing that life does not have to be high speed. 

Simply breathing.  Breathing in life.  Breathing in the blessings.

And I’m most definitely not doing it perfectly.  Sometimes I allow that frazzled mom to sneak in again.  Oh, how that steals my joy!  But then a reminder ( I think of it as a note from God) comes in the form of a text, a Facebook post, or a word from my children or a friend, and I breathe in and out.  And with each breath, I slow down again.

Even though I’ve not read the whole book yet, I highly recommend it based on what my friend has said and what I’ve read so far.  (See link at bottom of post for info on the book)

September 27, 2012 020

While I was in thinking mode these past few weeks, I’ve decided to make a “life list”.  (More on that soon)  One thing I put on my life list was learning to knit.  I’ve always wanted to learn this.  Quite some time back, I bought this book:

 September 27, 2012 013

But I could not figure out this knitting thing.  I could not even get cast on (and you don’t knit if you don’t cast on).  No offense to the book either.  Now that I have learned some of the basics, the book makes perfect sense to me and I have used it to learn other knitting techniques.

So how did I finally learn to knit?

The wonderful world of Youtube!

I will write a post later and link to the videos that helped me.  However, a simple search will turn up a ton of useful information.

September 27, 2012 031

Right now on the needles:  a dishcloth… my first project!  It’s a little wonky in places but I’m learning as I go!  And if you ever need time to think and meditate on life’s blessings – knit a dishcloth!  {smile} 

September 27, 2012 028

So that’s what has been going on lately…besides the normal home schooling, washing dishes, folding clothes, etc. 

And reading…and breathing…

And if you are a mom juggling life and feel like you’re running on empty (ooo, me, me, me…) and you’d like to read something to help you slow down, grow spiritually, and make more room for God, then I recommend this book:

**Amazon does not appear to have this book in stock.  However, the link above will take you to a description of the book and some other sellers. **

See y’all soon!  Adriane

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