Monday, August 13, 2012

Why the blog has not moved and other ramblings

Hey y’all! 

So the blog is still here and not in its new location as was the original plan. 


in a nutshell – I kind of goofed.

Not a big goof and definitely not an unfixable goof but a little goof that is keeping me from moving this blog right now.

I spent some time last week researching my blog issues and there is a solution to my problem. 

However, it requires two things to fix it:

time and money.

And honestly, I’m a little short on both right now!  {smile}

When I realized my goof, I was frustrated. {That’s an understatement.}  So I did a little praying about how to proceed.  For now I feel like I just need to stay here on my blog. 

And one day when all of the planets and stars align and there is a sudden miraculous appearing of an extra hour {or two} in my day, then this blog will move. 

So for now, I will be posting here on my comfy blog that fits me like a warm and cozy pair of socks.  {I really like warm and cozy pairs of socks.}

Sorry for all of the blog wishy-washy moving and not moving mess…and on that note, I want to share two links.

Please, please, please take my advice and if you want to create a new wordpress blog, visit Blogging with Amy and follow her directions.  Doing this will keep you from making the same blogging goof as me. 

And on a totally not related but sort of related note {pertaining to unfulfilled plans}, please visit this link if you have had a first day of school like we had today.  It’s nice to hear an eighteen year homeschool veteran say that she too has rough starts to the new school year.  It actually gives me hope to know that I’m not alone. 

Tomorrow will be better, I just know it.  And I am armed with a nice shiny, newly-typed, well-thought out, prayed over schedule to help me flow through our second day a little better than our first.  And if it doesn’t, then that’s ok.  This homeschooling adventure is truly a time of learning and growing for us all {even this mama}!

Coming soon:  our 2012-2013 curriculum choices and our learning spaces! 


  1. <3 nothing better than warm, cozy socks!

  2. Truly one of my most favorite things... and if I could knit that's probably what I'd try to make! :)


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