Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Planting in August {Louisiana}


Can you believe that it is all ready August?  Wow!  This year is flying by at an alarming rate!

If you live in Louisiana, then you know that it is hot, hot, hot here! 

Our city garden is not looking its best right now but it is still producing.  We are getting a few tomatoes, many peppers, and okra right now. 

I’m hand watering every day at least once a day (and twice, if needed) to help the plants survive these 100 degree temps. 

Soon, I will be planting the fall garden.  According to the LSU Ag Center, these are the crops that we can plant in Louisiana during the month of August:

snap beans (bush and pole) after 8/10

lima beans

beets after 8/15

broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, chinese cabbage (seeds)

swiss chard

collard & mustard greens


kohlrabi after 8/15

lettuce after 8/15

southern peas until 8/10

bell pepper plants until 8/15

irish potatoes after 8/15



summer squash until 8/15

tomato plants until 8/15


Our plans

Once it cools a bit, I plan to plant more green beans and perhaps another batch of southern peas.  Our first southern peas crop failed and I haven’t made it by the feed store for more seed.  We will also plant some more collard & mustard greens.  We love them and the City Chicks munch on them all winter long. 

And since I always have trouble with squash bugs and I’ve heard that they aren’t as plentiful during the fall, I may plant some summer squash and see if maybe I can get some squash before the frost.  I would love that!  I all ready have tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, peppers, and okra in the ground so I won’t replant any of those.  I will wait on the cole crops, lettuce, and carrots once it cools down quite a bit more.  Seeing potatoes on the list is making me wonder if I can get my hand on some potato seed?  Hmmm…

What are your garden plans for the fall? 


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